The creation of a MOC Beer

This years MOC beer will be a lager-style beer brewed at Amager Bryghus. We have collected a few of the images taken during the production of the beer
  • For inspiration, the MOC beers from the previous 6 years

  • MOC Beer on the production chart in the fabrication hall. We are in tank number 6, just next to the 3 floyds brew. Not bad company.

  • Brewmaster Rene from Amager bryghus, and Christian Jul Jensen from MOC are intensively watching 1200L of beer flow from one chamber to another.

  • Looks delicous right? Believe it or not, this will end up as a great MOC Lager in a few weeks.

  • Even though we are brewing a lager, we still add a bit of the finest hops to provide a fresh taste and a bit of bitternes

  • @MOC We value quality extremely high, for Code and Beers alike. Here is the quality assurance sheet for the beer, duely noting key values during the process.
  • After the beer is put on barrels for the fermentaion process, this is what is left. It will be given as food to a very lucky bunch of organic cattle on the outskirts of Amager, Copenhagen.