• Deploying a Neos 2.0 website to AWS with Elastic Beanstalk

    18/11-2015 Jan-Erik Revsbech
    Have you ever heard the phrase: “Why don’t you just host it in The Cloud?” and wondered if that might be possible with your cms-driven website? <br/>There are many benefits to using the public clouds like Amazon Web Services to host your website, but there  are also some obstacles that needs to be solved in order to make it work.  <br/>With Neos 2.0 it is now possible to utilize all these benefits og running your website in the Cloud. <br/>This tutorial will guide you through settings up automatic provisioning and deployment of a Neos 2.0 websites with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. <br/>Some knowledge of Amazon Web Services and Neos  is required to follow the tutorial.<br/>
  • The creation of a MOC Beer

    31/10-2014 Jan-Erik Revsbech
    This years MOC beer will be a lager-style beer brewed at Amager Bryghus. We have collected a few of the images taken during the production of the beer
  • Neos - "Show me the money"

    03/09-2014 Jesper Scheuer
    Vi taler om det hele tiden - men hvad kan det og hvordan ser det ud - det har jeg lavet en video om. 
  • Neos content cache

    23/10-2015 Jan-Erik Revsbech
    Neos in in version 1.2 comes with a powerful content caching systems that might be a little tricky to understand at first, but used correctly it solved a lot of caching related issues often seen with content management systems. <br/>This post will try to shed some light on how the caching systems can be used for automatically managing content cache for a typical site that uses lists of nodes. ie a news-based site where an update to a news-node requires cache-purging on list pages as well.